My heart story….

June 11th 2015 was the day that changed my life forever. I had a heart attack and although the symptoms were very ‘woman’ specific I tried really hard to not believe it was happening to me. I was driving home from work where I had to tell them that I would be off for a few more days because 2 weeks earlier I had had a bike accident that had caused a concussion. I was about 4 minutes away from my driveway and my left arm started to hurt and I couldn’t hold the steering wheel with that hand. I thought it was something to do with my bike accident but before I reached the driveway the pain in between my shoulder blades was making it hard to breathe. Guess what – I was having a heart attack. I called 911 and they took me to emergency. By the time I reached emergency all symptoms were gone so they were like ‘I am sorry, you didn’t have a heart attack’ but because of the bike accident 2 weeks previously they decided to do some more tests. Four hours later the doctor comes back into the room and says ‘I have good news and bad news, first good news, you did have a heart attack and you are still having a heart symptoms and we found it, the bad news is that you had a heart attack and you are still having symptoms so we need to find out what is going on’. After an angiogram they discovered I have a rare condition called Spontaneous Cardiac Arterial Dissection – ¬†SCAD for short. This is where the inside of the vessel in my heart is cracking and pieces are dropping down and cause a block, this block then causes a heart attack. Since that day I have these ‘heart attacks’ that we call episodes almost every day.

Living with a heart condition that could be fatal at any moment is hard! I am an optimistic, positive person and so each and every day I get up and thank God that I am up and breathing and move forward to my day. I have no expectations, no thoughts of dread or fear and try to be as positive as possible.

As I continue with this blog you will learn how I have moved my life forward and all about my good and bad days. Feel free to ask questions or get in touch if you need someone to chat about it.