Thoughts as a new grandparent

Time goes by so fast! My new grand-daughter is 6 months already and here is what I have learned as a new grandparent. First is that being even a little bit away is hard. So she lives an hour and a half away if we hit the lights on the hi way all green. If we have to stop it is more like 2 hours driving each way. We try to go and see her every two weeks but after Christmas we got sick, then they got sick so it was almost 6 weeks since we saw her and guess what, she made strange. She cried for almost an hour and would not even look at us, it broke my heart!

Second thing that I have learned is that although I have many good thoughts on what is right and wrong, you have to hold your tongue and only give advice when asked. I know the debate on shots is huge out there, there are the ones that will go and get shots right away and those that don’t want to give shots at all. I am one that goes with the give them all the help that is available so if shots will help boost their immunity then do it. That is not the way my daughter-in-law thinks, so holding my tongue on that one.

Third thing is that no matter how many baby pictures I look at of other babies my grand-daughter is the cutest of them all! She is gorgeous!! Looks just like her daddy did and has the biggest most beautiful eyes, just like he did. They take you in and she stares you down waiting to see what you will do next. Grandpa loves to make her smile so he is goofy and loud and often does quite the opposite.

I promise as a new grandparent that I will continue to have some great thoughts and hopefully be able to be the best grandma around.